Palau Macaya

Light from the south: an evening with African women researchers

Three renowned African scientists present the #nurdelsur challenge and will allow us to discover how our development prospects advance and improve thanks to investment in science and innovation in low-income countries, which affects the empowerment of African women.
Retorn a la terra cat2

Return to Earth

In an extraordinary situation such as the one posed by the current climate emergency, the environmental promoter José Luís Gallego and the scientist Mariano Marzo will open the debate on the environmental and ethical challenges that Western society should face.
ulls i orelles

Eyes and ears of the Amazon

In this audiovisual conference, the specialist in marine bioacoustics Michel André will explain the Providence project, whose objective is to establish the first acoustic and visual database of the species that live in the Mamirauá natural reserve, in the Amazon.
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